About Us

What is GarbTech

To solve the problem of unlawful disposal of solid waste, climate change and youth unemployment in the Urban Coast Region of Kenya, an inspiring social entrepreneur came up with an idea to use ‘garbage technology’ (Garb Tech) to provide a reliable, efficient and complete range of waste management services including collection, transportation and recycling.

Garb Tech is an award-winning environmental social enterprise founded in September 2015 offering a complete range of reliable and efficient solid waste services for middle income families, businesses and individuals in Mombasa, Kenya.

At Garb Tech, we use a system that is new to provide better, faster and cheaper services. We convert the plastic waste into Flower Pots, Wall Garden and Storage Facilities. In addition, Garb Tech recycles other solid waste into charcoal briquettes and fertilizer hence preserving the environment and providing a solution to the global challenge of climate change.

We have actively been involved in this business where we have won several local and international awards and recognition including Tony Elumelu Foundation in Nigeria, African Entrepreneurship Award in Morocco, US African Development Foundation Social Entrepreneurship Award and recently selected for Mandela Washington Fellowship in New Jersey under Business & Entrepreneurship.

Vision Statement

To be the most preferred innovative environmental company that attracts customers while protecting the environment by 2020.

Mission statement

To provide its customer with reliable and efficient environmental services in a socially and professional manner while ensuring a clean and safe environment for the community.


Garb Tech, values team work and diversity; family and social responsibility; customer satisfaction and a fun working environment. This creates a culture of collaboration, productivity and high performance.


GarbTech is recognized for its work.